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December 05, 2004


John Davis

In your article about "CompAmerica" Dec. 2004 suggested we were a "little known stgartup".

CompAmerica was founded in 1970 as American Computer Company and is now part of the Computer Sales and Service Company. It has over 400,000 customers globally and a track record for reliable computers. Dell settled the case confidentially out of Court when it was unable to obtain any sympathy for its complaint from the Court. Our founder, Jack Shulman, invented the windows desktop pc in 1975 for use at Citibank as a Federal Funds Trading desktop and developed pc architectures for 10 years until moving on to work on supercomputer servers such as fly jets like the B-2 before returning to run ACC and now, CompAmerica. He has also the inventor of the graphical coprocessor, and a variety of other products, including the Server Manager Coprocessor and Security appliance. We are not "little known".

Be well.

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